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Thank you to this years' placement students!

Harriet Bines, Maker{Futures} Programme Assistant

Here at Maker{Futures} we’ve been lucky to have two placement students with us from the University of Sheffield. As part of their Education degrees, Lin and Zitong committed 70 hours to volunteering with the Maker{Futures} team and have been involved in every angle of our ever-changing schedule.

On day one they joined us for a Maker{Move} workshop at a school in Wybourn, an eye opening first experience no doubt; they faced working with children for the first time in the loud joyful chaos that you find in a primary school. Being a placement student is physical too. There’s wheeling pods off the Maker{Move} van, setting up the hall with activity stations and then packing it all away at the end of an exhilarating day. As the weeks went by we discovered that Lin was a Stop Motion marvel and Zitong had a flair for wobble bots!

Lin and Zitong helping us to pack Maker{Home} kits for 300 families

Being a volunteer with Maker{Futures} is a great opportunity to gain experience with young people and STEAM in a wide breadth of settings. Our placement students volunteered at thirteen different events including seven primary schools, one secondary school, one nursery, one museum, a community centre, a library, and an adventure playground! Most recently, they worked on a Maker{Home} project; packing up STEM kits for 300 families from 10 local primary schools to engage families with STEM learning through making. I hope Lin and Zitong feel boosted with all the confidence and skills that they will need for the future. We wish them every success.

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