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Maker{Futures} in London - a visit to the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Young V&A 

Last week we visited the Royal Academy of Engineering to celebrate the end of our Ingenius public engagement award. We also managed to pop into the Young V&A - an inspiring exhibition of play, design and imagination in Bethnal Green.

At the RAE evening reception in Prince Phillip House we met the new awardees for this year and found out about the Awardee Excellence Community. We are looking forward to connecting and contributing to this network. Our project Flying Futures finished last year but schools are still benefitting from the engaging aviation themed activities and we have kept in touch with our inspiring engineer volunteers.

In the morning we were excited to visit the Young V&A in Bethnal Green. Not only was it a trip down memory lane with classic toys, games and designs on show but they had made space to showcase new materials and manufacturing techniques and even had their own resident 'maker' in a self contained design studio. Clara Chu is currently in 'The Shed' making handbags from upcycled waste!