A day out with Maker{Move}

Setting up

The Maker{Move} team arrive in the van, unload our wheel-able activity pods and set up the hall for the big day ahead. Our pods carry all the resources we need and also transform into maker stations for the activities. Activities for our workshops are chosen depending on learning level and ability. For example, woodwork is brilliant for more confident makers whereas our build-a-bike can be safely explored by all makers, big or small.

Getting started

We briefly explain the activities on offer, safety precautions, and then makers are free to explore! We always encourage children to try at least four activities which include electronics, robotics, cardboard construction, digital creativity, woodwork and coding.

Example activities

Our activities support children to develop their 'maker mindset' and we use a simple Maker{Cycle} based on the engineering design process to encourage children to look closely, think about what is happening or how improvements could be made, make a prototype or adjustments and test at regular intervals. Here's some examples...


  1. I want to build a car/house/ship

  2. How can I attach these different parts together? What tools could I use?

  3. Start building.

  4. Does it stand up? Does it hold together? What could be improved?

Cardboard construction

  1. I’m making a guitar using cardboard and elastic bands

  2. How could I change the pitch of the ‘strings’?

  3. Build it using different sized elastic bands, pulling the elastic bands tighter and looser to change frequency

  4. Strum my instrument to see how it sounds and tweak accordingly.


  1. I need to build a paper tower to warn the aliens of planet Zorb about an imminent meteorite

  2. How could I use construction techniques to make it tall, strong and stable?

  3. Build the tower, incorporating a flange/tabs/gusset supports etc.

  4. Attach a warning light at the top and see if the tower stands up on its own!

Our activities are always expanding and our latest addition is stop motion animation where we love to see you transform into problem solving film directors!

How do I book the van?

Please complete the booking enquiry form or get in touch and we will contact you to arrange a date and next steps.