Workshops and activity days

Making in the Early Years

At Maker{Futures} we are passionate about ensuring that children develop their maker mindset from the very outset. Young children are naturally inquisitive, and we build on their curiosity through our range of playful and creative activities. From exploring robotics, to simple coding, and from foam construction to augmented reality, our EYFS Maker workshops allow children to explore and build on their Characteristics of Effective Learning. We encourage children to think creatively, tinker, innovate and to become the next generation of problem solvers.

Primary school activity days

Our inspirational mobile makerspace, brought to you on our Maker{Move} van, enables primary school children to fully explore a range of hands-on activities, which develop their logical thinking skills.

Through the Maker Cycle, we help them to find problems, think about how to solve them, make rapid prototypes and to test them.

We set up between 12-15 maker stations using our mobile pods and children can freely explore a range of electronics, coding, robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and practical making (to name but a few). Maker{Futures} primary school workshops are a fully immersive experience for primary school children and staff alike, and give the whole school community the opportunity to develop their 21st Century maker skills through practical, challenging and creative activities.

A STEAM problem solving day in KS3

Have you ever wondered how to solve intergalactic space problems? Well look no further, because our Key Stage 3 Maker{Futures} workshops allow students to save the universe! Through a range of team building, problem solving activities, pupils work together to save Planet Zorb from a disastrous meteorite! They must even contend with evil Scrawbites, which is no easy feat when you are trying to save the universe! We also set up the “Tech Zone” which allows students to explore a range of the latest technology.

Our Key Stage 3 workshops do have a serious aim, however. Despite being fun and engaging, we show students the necessity of maker skills in the 21st Century workplace. We talk about STEM/STEAM careers and how important it is to be able to collaborate, to find and solve problems and to be able to “think outside the box.” Our KS3 Maker{Futures} days will certainly enhance and support secondary school STEM/STEAM programmes of study and will give all pupils the practical skills and resilience needed in our ever-changing world.

Bespoke workshops

We offer themed maker days and you can book a bespoke day to fit in with the topics you are covering in school.

How do I book the van?

Please complete the booking enquiry form and we will contact you to arrange a date and next steps.