Make a Maker{School}

The Make a Maker{School} project is funded by The University of Sheffield, Garfield Weston Foundation, CIVA, Erase All Kittens, and Arbourthorne Community Primary School. The programme involves ten schools in the South Yorkshire region. The teachers, children and senior leadership team at Arbouthorne are working closely with us to develop a relevant, innovative and engaging programme that will be rolled out in the nine further partner schools throughout 2022.

Project structure

The project has three main strands.

  1. To develop a Maker curriculum and class activities for use in primary classrooms

  2. To engage with families from each school to support maker activities at home

  3. To develop a series of after-school coding clubs led by Erase All Kittens for use in school

The Make a Maker{School} project was made possible with the support and funding from our project partners.